A 2 player coop puzzle-solving platformer on a timer.

The players start at the bottom of a volcano. After a short while the volcano erupts and the players must make their way up the volcano to escape before the magma catches them.

On the way out the players will encounter a number of puzzles where they must work together to solve them.


  • Cooperation
  • Gems to collect (lots of em)
  • Puzzles
    • Open/Close doors
    • Move platforms
  • Skulls indicate where you have died
  • Multiple difficulties
    • Affects the speed of the rising magma
  • A dashing main menu
  • Good feels if you win on Hard difficulty

Playing the game

In order to play Magmescape you can either download the binary for your platform on our Itch.io page or build it from source using Unity.


Player 1

  • Move with A and D
  • Jump with S

Player 2

  • Move with J and L
  • Jump with K

Development choices

The game is part of a game design course where the assignment was to make a game adhering to certain constraints.

  • Constraints
    • 2 player game
    • 3 button controls per player (ASD and JKL)
    • The game must end within 2 minutes
    • An end screen where ESC exits the game and either R or Space restarts the game

Built With



You can see the source code on GitHub.


Magmescape for Windows 64bit 26 MB
Magmescape for Windows 32bit 23 MB
Magmescape for Mac 27 MB

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